Monday, 27 August 2012

Man arrested by police over racist tweet.

A 22 year old man from Essex has been arrested  in connection with launching a virtual racist tirade via popular networking site Tweeter.
The attack was aimed at West Ham striker Carlton Cole following their disastrous 3-0 deafeat in Swansea over the weekend.
Target: Carlton Cole. Image: Zimbio

In keeping up with the usual smart remarks most from Essex are notorious for,  the arrested man wrote:
‘3-0?  3 f****** nil?? Get the f*** away from my club  u f****** useless n***** c***’.'
Cole's followers were quick to denounce the foul mouthed comments. The 28 year old Cole posted the tweet on his account later writing:
'Whether I am crap or had a bad game has nothing to with my race, creed or religion. lets just keep it FOOTBALL. Kapeesh?'
Essex police who made the swift arrest were quick to show how effective they were by also tweeting:
Information on racist tweets passed to officer. Essex Police is investigating. Thanks to all who have brought this to our attention.'
This is not the first time Cole has been subject to racist abuse. Back in 2009 he was the object of racist affection at Upton Park when Millwall fans chanted monkey sounds during the Carling Cup.

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