Friday, 31 August 2012

FRSHO OUT: A-Q - 'IJO YOYO' f. YQ+COMA ft. Yemi Alade.

Hustle Inc Rapper, A-Q born Gilbert Bani delivers two times the excitement with his new double single - Rightly say the rhapsody is here. He hooks up with YQ on the Beat by Jay-produced 'Ijo Yoyo' (the
producer of the rapper's previous track - MGF featuring Morell andBoogie) and Yemi Alade on the El Emcee-produced 'Coma'. The rapper took a break from recording the 'Make Your Best Rapper Look Stupid' EP to deliver these new singles off his G.I.L.B.E.R.T album.

'Ijo Yoyo' is an uptempo track sure to get any party started. The rapper reaches for his groovy side as he brings back the popular old mdance move. How to do the new 'Ijo yoyo' dance? Video release to
follow soon.

'Coma' sees Yemi Alade crooning effortlessly and at her best to match
A-Q's eazy to rap along rhymes.

'Ijo Yoyo' and 'Coma' are hit-bound materials


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