Saturday, 3 November 2012

FRESH OUT: Tolu Adeshina - Gets me up+Shakara+Never Iam3 LP

#Iam3 is a celebration of talent, value and ideals it brings together the different experiences and views and beliefs of the brand tolu wth top notch production and great lyrical content..
Gets me up: its like this..every1 has that passion the makes pump wth adrenaline and make them feel like the could have that moment for life..that's wot gets me up is about..tolu's greatest passion his music..and against all odds and limitations Tolu thrives off the passion to get better enjoying wot he loves doing best and satisfying his adoring fans.

Shakara: this is a comical tune but embedded wth deep thot and meaning as every young passionate guy on their way to achieving their dream always meet that one girl that makes em wana do more and initially he may not look like what she may consider as when she plays hard ball usually a young man is tempted to say go on play hard ball imma close this deal get rich then u will find me irresistible and impressive to marry..set in sweet and head bumping beats shakara will be a winner wth the clubs and fanz of great nigerian pop.
Never: sad song of regret which many people that have ever had love and lost it due their disregard for how much luv they we're given can relate to..most ppl have it served on a platter of gold but because they think luv will always be there for they say u don't know watchu have till u loose it.

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