Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Ecosystem live below Belly Button

Ecosystem Under Belly-Button, Say Researchers
It would not be wrong to term the study as one of the most unique study that has ever been taken out in the field of research. A number of researches have been done on different parts of body, but a study on belly button is surely a new one to know about.
The study, which was termed as the Belly Button Biodiversity project, was carried out by a group of researchers from the North Carolina State University as well as by the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.
After carrying out the study, the study researchers revealed that entire ecosystem lives under each and every person's belly button. As many as 2 368 species of bacteria have been found by study researchers and out of them, 1 458 are new for the research fraternity.
"The common, abundant species are from a relatively small number of evolutionary lines, indicating that they have evolved traits that make them at home on human skin", said Dr Rob Dunn from North Carolina State University.
Initially, it was considered that presence of bacteria was dependent on age, sex and ethnicity among other factors. But, later no such link was found in the study.

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