Monday, 12 November 2012

Distress Call Turn Awry As Police Shoots Banker!!

From shawttynatt

Badejo. Insets: Lagos Commissioner of Police, Umaru Manko, and bullets fired by the policemen.The fear of Naija police men is the beginning of wisdom.....
Badejo said, “I live in a one-storey building and there are four tenants occupying the ground floor. Around 4am, armed robbers stormed our house.“The robbers robbed all of us occupying the ground floor. They stole my clothes, money,phones and other valuables. While the robbery was ongoing, one of the tenants called Maroko Police Division.”Badejo said after the robbers had fled, scores of policemen arrived at the house while one of them started shooting indiscriminately, adding that he was hit five times.He said, “We (neighbours) were all inside the compound counting our losses when we heard a slam on the gate. Immediately the security guard opened, one of the policemen started shooting indiscriminately.
“The security guard was shot in the pelvis and in the back but the bullet pierced through his chest.I immediately took cover under a car but the policeman came to where I was and started shooting at me.
“Another policeman came behind me and shot.The first shot came through my feet and fractured my leg. Two shots grazed my thighs. Another shot went through my biceps and came out, while one went through my wrist.

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