Thursday, 8 November 2012

Device diagnoses cancer in 20 minutes

BRITISH scientists have developed a groundbreaking device that can diagnose cancer in just 20 minutes. The world’s first tumour profiler, as it is known, will allow doctors, nurses and pharmacists to quickly identify all known types of cancer while the patient waits.
The device has been invented as part of a partnership between private firm QuantuMDx, Newcastle University and Sheffield University. Scientists say the Q-Cancer device will have a dramatic impact on the rapid and accurate diagnosis of cancer.
Company officials said the device has the potential to prolong the lives of the 12 million newly diagnosed cancer sufferers around the world. It will enable surgeons to immediately remove most, if not all of the tumour, and allow cancer specialists to prescribe the correct treatment regime according to the type of cancer developed.
The device makes use of advanced n

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