Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Ben Affleck hits parked car, leaves friendly note for owner

So what would you do if, while out driving one weekend with the kids, you accidentally sideswiped a parked car and knocked off one of its mirrors? If you're a halfway decent human being, you would probably stop and leave a note, right?
Well, so would Ben Affleck! The "Argo" actor did just that on Saturday when he accidentally knocked the side mirror off of an unoccupied Honda in Santa Monica, California.
The contents of the note he left on the car's windshield have since made their way around the Internet. "Hi, Knocked off your mirror. Very sorry! Will cover everything. — Ben," he wrote, along with his phone number. Oh, and "very" was underlined, just to emphasize the apology.

No word on whether the other car owner has called the movie star yet, nor whether or not Ben is just going to leave the driving to wife Jennifer Garner from now on. It'll probably be cheaper that way …

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